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This week our property guardian and defender of the cat realm - Tabbagruff or Tabs for short was put down.

He had FIV, the cat version of HIV, a severely injured knee thanks to being hit by someone, and unfortunately his real owners disowned him.

Tabs has been a constant presence on my property for over 2 years, and seemed in need of human company and feeding. While I contacted his owners, they did little to help him, and they kept secret from me their exact address.

I simply presumed he was being given low quality food, lived at a house without a cat door and was paid little attention. So he was feed regularly by me, and allowed to rest peacefully on my fully fenced and gated property with it's bushy hiddy holes that many cats love.

He relaxed in peace most days, ignored the snarls from my own female house cat and vigourously defended the section from other cat interlopers. He was always pleased to see me, always enjoyed supervising me hanging the washing outside to dry and loves pats and wanted to play. He quickly became a friend cat, and part of my household - just as the 'outside' cat, given my own house cat took exception to any other cat inside - she hasn't learnt any social skills with other cats.

Then 2 weeks ago, Tabs turned up and was unable to use his right hind leg. His trouble lasted all day, so I allowed him inside to rest and get a feed as the day drew to a close. And I contacted the owners informing them of his injury and that he was with me. To my horror they informed me they thought he was dead and had moved out of the area to a distant town about a year earlier.

This poor cat had been abandoned, and it's entire life hinged on what I fed it, and what shelter it could gain outside around my house. I had no idea and was appalled. Now it was suffering a severe injury.

The owners failed to get anyone they knew local to pick it up, and wouldn't themselves, so they made arrangements with the SPCA to collect him. He stayed the night indoors with me and my cat. He behaved like such a gentleman of a cat.

I kept in contact with the SPCA, and found out the owners dropped out of contact, so the SPCA after a certain period could take ownership and take steps to help him - for over a week he was left untreated and on only pain killers and antibiotics. At least he wasn't in pain, had food and shelter along with some TLC from staff.

I wanted Tabs back, and when the offer came, there was a caveat - his FIV diagnosis meant he couldn't go back into the general population, nor reside with other cats. He must remain an indoor cat for the remainder of his life. That was the rub - I already had a cat, and it has the freedom to go outside. She also isn't entirely comfortable with Tabs - so the possibility of a future fight that could result in her getting FIV was a real possibility.

So I couldn't save Tabs, and he was promptly put down. Thanks to the generous offer of my mum, Tabs was picked up and buried in the family cat cemetery (yes our family oddly has one).

So farewell my lawn tiger, guardian of the realm and outdoor buddy. Sleep safe Tabs and we'll meet again beyond the rim.

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